Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our 1965 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Restoration Project

In the beginning, we just picked up this trailer yesterday, and we are still discovering so many problem that we will have to address.

So here is a bunch of photos to give you some ideas of the what we started with, these photos mostly show the positive things, I will be taking more photos of the many problems we have already located.

This blog will display the progression of this restoration project, our goal is to try and take back to as close to 1965 when it rolled off the factory floor.

Damaged rotted out door entry July 19th 2009

Last week my wife noticed that the plywood at the entry was soft, and needed repair. Today I would not find a way to repair it without pulling up the sheet flooring by cutting the edge and the breaking away all of the damaged wood, I took it down to the fame and added a new section of wood. I also cut out the lag bolt that was holding in the floor. Next week I plan of first painting the new section and then installing it with the two lag bolts I removed and then with the use of spray adhesive to relay the sheet flooring again , and then add mounding to hopefully cover up the cut.

I also notice in the front section that I have water damage on both side and it is missing on of the window panes, also that I will have to replace all of the light fixture due to the plastic shade covers are broken and I know it wold be impossible to locate stock replacements

More work done July 26, 2009

Today I repaired the water damaged floor, and next week I will relay the sheet flooring.

I also remove 2 of the light fixture being the shade were damaged beyond repair and replace them with new lights fixture and being the new light fixture do not have the A/C plug I went ahead and added an A/C plug in the same area of the new light. I have one to go, to finish that project.

Repairs made over the last month Sunday Sept. 6th 2009

Over the last month I have replaced all of the taillights and side lights wires. The 12 volt wires that feed the 12 volt lights in the cabin may have never been connected, being they were just hanging in the top cabinet over the dining table, so I ran some additional wires and ran them to the left side, outside storage compartment, I have plans to add a battery to run these lights, I also ran and additional strands to hook up some 12 volt outlets so the buyer will be able to have a 12 volt source, to run 12 volt appliances and or light, fans, or power an Ipod and or cell phone, I also plan to run some to the bed area for the same reason.

I ripped out all of the wood that had water damage, it seems as if the damage may have been caused by the front side light because there was damage behind both lights. I decided to run an additional wire ground to the skin to insure I had a good ground when I install the new lights.I added new blocks to allow me to nail the new panel to, I replaced the panel to areas just behind the front side lights, as well as the 4 1/4" ledge and the 5 1/4" bulkhead because the entire front had water damage also.